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Fast recipes and the right wines!

Fast recipes and the right wines!

Guests at home?

It’s not easy to serve a lot of dishes: here find 2 fast starters you can pair with the right wines to have success!
Mousse of mortadella in puff pastry’s nests and parmigiano cream on bread slices.

Mousse of mortadella (for 6/8 people): put little pieces of mortadella (300 gr), ricotta (100 gr), salt, pepper, olive oil, 1 spoon of cheese grattugiato in the mixer to obtain a cream. The hoven willl host 12/16 cups, each of them with 3 layers of thin ready puff pastry at 200°C for 12 minutes. Once warm, fill them with mousse. Decorate with chopped pistachio.

Parmigiano cream (for 6/8 people): stir with a whisk 40 gr of melted butter, 40 gr of flour of 00 type and 400 cl of heated milk (without boiling).
Add 200 gr of grated parmigiano cheese and cooking cream (1 spoon). Use the whisk for a thick cream without lumps. Ends with poppy seeds on the surface.

Now, the question is: which is the best wine to be paired with? One wine only? The Sparkling Wine Ritaldo, with all is bubbles, degreases the oily ingredients of these two recipes and - for the same principle - you can also pair both with a semi-sparkling red wine: try Ritin, our Organic Gutturnio DOC Superiore Frizzante: its clean taste supports the deep flavors of both the appetizers.

You can order these two wines on our Wine Shop.

Enjoy them with your friens and family and compare your tastes: whic is your best pair?