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Our wines

Agriturismo Bacchanalis | Our wines

Our wines
Rita Solari, a name and a long journey: from the tailoring of the prèt-à-porter fashion world till the vineyards, from the heart of Genova to the Hills of Piacenza. A new challenge taken on by the son Paolo La Fauci, from the coloured threads to the rows in the vineyard and the different hues of the wines.
Come and visit our Bacchanalis Farmhouse, in the middle of the countryside around Piacenza, where you’re always welcome for a relaxing wine tasting. You will find our Ritin Gutturnio Superiore, the oenological symbol of Piacenza Area, Laldo which is our golden Malmsey made with Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, and the Sparkling wine Ritaldo, the Chardonnay Classic Method of our Winery.
Thanks to the extreme care from the vineyard to the bottle, our Estate – which has obtained the EU Organic Certification for the regeneration of abandoned agricultural fields for years - grants a high quality product respecting nature and health.