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Our wines

Agriturismo Bacchanalis | Our wines

Our wines

Rita Solari, a name with a long history. From tailoring to prèt-à-porter fashion, from the heart of Genoa to the Piacentini Hills (Piacenza). A new adventure - from the colored threads to the vineyards rows - brings Paolo La Fauci, Rita’s son, in a new countryside world business. Come and visit us at our elegant and minimal Bacchanalis Farmhouse in the heart of the Piacenza countryside, the home of our food and relaxing wine tastings. You will learn about our wines: the icon of our land "Ritin" Gutturnio Superiore, our Barbera "Milla", our golden Malvasia "Laldo", our Sparkling Wine, the Classic Method 100% "Ritaldo" from Chardonnay grapes, the macerated white wine "Lagiuliana". For almost 3 years now, our winery is regenerating many abandoned fields and obtained the EU Organic Certification, a guarantee of the quality of a product that is respectful of health and nature, for wine lovers or fellow travellers.