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The wines and their serving temperature

The wines and their serving temperature

Each wine needs for its own serving temperature in order to be appreciated at its best.

Sparkling wines should be served cold, usually between 4° and 6° C.

Dry white wines should be served at a temperature of 8-10° C; a few degrees more - 10-12° C - in case of aromatic white wines: this way, the peculiar notes can be enjoyed. For the rose wines, the ideal temperature is 10° - 12° C. With the red wines: light ones start from 14-16° C, they go till 16-18° C if they are structured and tannic; they should reach 18° - 20° C, if they are aged red wines with great structure.

And what about the sweet wines? If you have to serve a muscat, 6° C; in case of passito and liqueur wines, the best temperature is 10-12° C: keep in mind that lower temperatures do not allow to taste the notes of sweetness, while the higher temperature make them cloying.

Basically, with the serving temperatures you cannot improvise, but don’t worry, our online shop gives you a hand: you will find the serving temperatures of all our wines on sale; you can taste and offer them with the certainty of not making mistakes!