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Wine Passion in Orange Dress

Wine Passion in Orange Dress


Do you ever heard about Orange Wines?

Why it has this name? It is a pale to intense orange hued wine.

Technically, it is a white wine, produced with white berried grapes leaving the must ferment on skins for a few day as during the vinification in red that gives the red tinge to the wines (purple, rubin, garnet): in other words it is a macerated white wine.

White grapes skin maceration gives this particular color, then structure and tannins like some full body red wines, but the bouquet is attributable to the white wines.

The Orange Wines are not a novelty of modern times: they are the wines of the past times. This habit has been lost over time when the consumer started to prefer wines completely different in color and taste from the red ones.

Some wine-producers - Tenuta Rita Solari is one of them - believe that nowaday the consumer is ready to appreciate again this oenological complex wine.

Which is the nuance of our organic orange wine Lagiuliana? The only way to know it is buying it on our Wineshop