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Recipe  with red wine

Recipe with red wine


Brasato with red wine: a very typical Italian wintry recipe.

How te prepare: clean well a celery, a carrot and cut them into small pieces; slice a skinned onion.
Put the beef - 1 kg of priest’s hat - in a bowl and cover it with vegetables, rosemary, clove, bay leaf, skinned garlic.
Pour 3 glasses of red wine. Cover the beef with a film, refrigerate and marinate in wine and vegetables all night long.
Dab with paper towels; save the liquid marinade to bake the beef.

Heat 3 spoons of olive oil in a saucepan and cook the meat until golden brown. Pour the liquid marinade and cook over moderate heat for about 2 hours and a half, with the lid on. Turn the beef from time to time; do not pierce it, in order to hold the juice that makes the meat soft. Once half cooked, add salt and pepper.
Once the braised beef is ready, slice and keep it warm. Blend the liquid and vegetables finely, then heat the mixture in a pan to obtain a thick sauce.

Which is the last step? The wine on your table! Use only the same wine of the marinade, but which one to choose? This recipe needs a red wine that can add flavors and properly "stand up" to the dish. One of the most suitable wines is Merlot: our Organic Wine Genovino is perfect! It is a blend of Merlot, Croatina, Barbera, intense and persistent.

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