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In touch with nature

In touch with nature

The Caplez Botanical Garden was built in the 90s and opened to the public in 2010.

It is located in Cappelluzzo, in the Piacentino area, at 730 m. above sea level, in Val Tidone.

It can be reached both from the Piacenza side (Nibbiano) and from the Pavia side (Santa Maria della Versa).

It covers an area of over 11.000 square meters with 1800 plant species from around the world, some of which are in danger of extinction. It is open only a few months during the year: currently from April to June; maybe new other opening in other periods of the year, in future.

After the visit, in half an hour you can reach our farmhouse for a lunch or dinner based on typical dishes of the area, accompanied by the wines produced by our cellar.

If the visit to the botanical garden is just one of the stops on a few days trip to enjoy the beautiful surrounding villages, you can also stay overnight in one of the rooms of our estate. Contact us!


To book a visit to the Caplez Botanical Garden, click here