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Electronic Crib - Santuario of Strà

Electronic Crib - Santuario of Strà

The Crib of Santuario of Strà, near Nibbiano (Alta Val Tidone) in Piacenza’ s province, is a unique work. It can be admired inside a dedicated room, on an area of about 20 square meters.

Its peculiarities are the mechanical movements of its hand-crafted figures, made with recycled materials such as parts of electrical goods, gear, screws.
You can find a locksmith, a laundress, a carpenter, a fisherman, a woodsman, a potter, the shepherds, showing some ancient crafts. Moreover, there are hens, moss, flowers, a pond, falls, the Grotto of the Nativity made by stones that houses Child Gesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph with a lantern: everything is carefully studied in details.

A very special atmosphere, really It has always been an unmissable event during Christmas time.

Just fefteen minutes and you can find our Restaurant and Agritourism Bacchanalis, in Ziano Piacentino, Località Negrese; the perfect place for your launch, dinner with bed and breakfast.

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