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Harvest Time

Harvest Time

September, harvest time by definition.

How getting wine from ripe grape bunches? Through the annual cycle of the vines and thanks to the great experience of the Winemaker.

In short:
- in winter, it takes place the pruning of the shoots and the fertilization which, in our case, is strictly made with fertilizer of organic origin.
- in springtime, the Winemaker monitors how the vines grow and works the soil to give the roots the right nourishment and ventilation.
- during the summer, green pruning takes place, in order to give enough light and air to the bunches. In June, the bunches are formed but green, yet.
Usually they are pruned to reduce production and raise the quality of the berries, which ripen in August. Special care must be given to protection against parasites:
we follow the rules of Biological Laws, respecting Nature.
Late August frequently opens the harvest which requires care and patience: some, as we do, strictly harvest by hand; some other winemakers harvest mechanically - to the detritment of the quality.
Soon the grapes are brought to the cellar for the vinification process.
- in November, the vine enters the phase of its vegetative rest and then everything starts again, until the new harvest!

This is what happens at our latitude, while in other parts of the World...

In Egypt the harvest bengins in July; in South Africa in February; in South America in late February/March, as in New Zealand and Australia, whereas Tazmania waits untill April.
Equatorial regions- Ethiopia and Madagascar for example - manage to harvest twice per year (November/December and June/July), even if the quality of the berry decreases.

One more: to obtain the famous Eis Wein, in Canada, Austrian, Germany and Valle d’Aosta the grapes are hand picked in winter.

Tenuta Rita Solari started the harvest at the end of August: first the Pinot Nero; then the Chardonnay for the production of our sparkling wine Ritaldo. Malvasia and Croatina for last.

And now, you only miss to taste the result of this hard work! You can buy our wines on our shop online or at our Winery.